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Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker

Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker

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🌟 **Introducing the Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker!**

Elevate your beverage game with our fun and practical Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker. Perfect for creating a chill vibe in your favorite drinks, whether it's whiskey, cocktails, wine, or a refreshing cola, this silicone ice cube tray is a game-changer.

🍹 **60 Cubes of Coolness for Every Occasion!**

Get ready for the coolest parties, picnics, and summer gatherings! Our Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker can hold up to 60 ice cubes, making it the ideal companion for hotels, restaurants, bars, and any place where good times roll.

🌈 **How to Freeze in Style: Easy as 1-2-3-4-5!**

1. Pull out the inner cylinder and pour water into the silicone container, filling slightly above 2 grids but not exceeding 2.5 grids.

2. Gently insert the inner cylinder into the silicone cavity, rotating it to the bottom, and squeeze the silicone side to prevent floating.

3. Snap on the lid and freeze in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. The anticipation is worth it!

4. Unleash the frozen magic by letting the mold sit at room temperature or speed it up with a splash of hot water in the inner cylinder.

5. Squeeze, pop, and enjoy! Perfectly shaped ice cubes ready for your sipping pleasure.

πŸš€ **Product Highlights: The Coolest Details!**

- **Material:** Food-grade silicone + ABS- **Size:** Mold - 9*8*8.5cm/3.54*3.15*3.35in, Ice cube - 1.3cm- **Number of Ice Cubes:** 60 cubes

🎁 **What's in the Box?**1* Cylinder Ice Tray - Your ticket to icy adventures!

🚨 **Important Tips for Maximum Fun!**

- Pull out the middle bucket after freezing for the ultimate reveal.- Freeze for 4-6 hours for the perfect chill.- Keep it cool: Avoid strong detergents and keep away from fire to prevent deformation.

🎨 **Note:**- Colors may vary slightly due to monitor differences.- Embrace a slight measuring deviation as a testament to handmade perfection.

Get ready to chill like never before with the Creative Silicone Ice Bucket Maker - because your drinks deserve to be as cool as you are! 🌬️πŸ₯‚

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